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While bacteria and tooth decay can’t affect the durable materials of your new dental bridge, it is still very important that you give daily attention to your dental restoration during your oral hygiene routine to prevent the bridge from weakening.

Plaque and residual food particles left in your smile can convert to hardened tartar that leads to periodontal disease. If the surrounding gum tissues that support the dental bridge develop periodontal disease, you can experience serious ramifications such as gum recession at the base of your teeth that creates pockets of infection around the root of the the abutments. This allows bacteria to loosen the dental bridge by weakening the cement.

You can prevent damage to your dental bridge by brushing twice a day and flossing daily to remove any food particles or plaque that form tartar. If you are struggling to effectively clean your dental bridge, we invite you to speak with Dr. about cleaning products such as an interdental brush, water flosser, or floss threader.

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